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Every fundraiser knows the art of raising money is through the stories we tell. But how long the story lasts is not always so easy to establish. One thing is for sure, whether that interaction lasts a moment, a decade or a lifetime rests on how we manage each relationship.

The Institute of Fundraising East Midlands is proudly staging their second conference for fundraisers of all experience levels and disciplines across the region.

Our conference will focus on how to develop, strengthen, and lengthen relationships so they provide better outcomes for fundraisers and lasting impacts for the organisations we represent.

We’ve been gathering some very talented and inspirational speakers from inside and outside fundraising to share their thoughts on what makes a ‘lasting relationship’. Come and listen to a talk, or take part in a workshop, with Daniel Fluskey (Institute of Fundraising), Amy Petterson (Guide Dogs), Collette Brown (CLIC Sargent) and Sophie Burt (Children’s Liver Disease Foundation).

Tickets cost £70.00 for Members and £80.00 for non-members. Prices exclusive of Eventbrite fee. (Sorry, all early bird tickets have sold-out).

“Nothing is more exciting and bonding in relationships than creating together.”
Stephen R.Covey

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