The following statement sets out Citrus Consultancy’s policy in relation to protection of your data:

What personal data is collected and held?

Citrus Consultancy collects data that you provide in the course of its usual operations. Specifically:

  • When you enquire about any of Citrus Consultancy’s services,
  • During the delivery of services to your organisation,
  • During enquiries (including telephone and/or online) made by Citrus Consultancy in order to deliver services (e.g. an application for a grant) to another organisation
  • When entering into any partnership or associate relationship with Citrus Consultancy, and
  • When you book onto a training event run by Citrus Consultancy, directly or via Eventbrite.

The personal data collected from you includes all appropriate contact details: name, email address, organisation and telephone number(s).

Citrus Consultancy may also collect by agreement with you, or from the public domain, organisational/personal address details, social media profile names, and Skype/FaceTime profile names. Special category data regarding characteristics such as an individual’s disability will not be collected unless specifically required and given for the purposes of providing a particular service (e.g. to meet an individual’s particular special needs or to provide a specific service.

How will your data be used?

The lawful bases for using your data are as follows:

Appropriate contact details (see above) will be processed to enter or perform a contract to deliver fundraising and other services to an organisation, to hire venues, or to enter into a formal associate relationship. Fundraising includes writing funding applications, researching, reporting and evaluation.

Provided that that this does not override your own rights, Citrus Consultancy will also process your data to pursue the following legitimate business interests:

  • researching or enquiring about the availability, criteria, and progress of funding applications (grants) made on behalf of other organisations
  • enquiring about venues;
  • promoting Citrus Consultancy’s services;
  • the delivery of training events, including creating attendee lists;
  • advice and other consultancy services provided directly to your organisation;
  • invoicing, and
  • social networking.

Sharing or Transfer of data

Citrus Consultancy will provide your name and contact information to Trusts and Foundations as required in order to submit funding applications. Citrus Consultancy may also provide your name and contact information to organisations with whom it has contracted for the delivery of training or other services (such as hiring a room on their premises) in order to meet its contractual and/or health and safety duties (e.g. by providing a list of participants).

Citrus Consultancy may also disclose information if required to do so by law, to enforce legal rights, or for the protection of your safety.

Citrus Consultancy uses Eventbrite for event bookings. Eventbrite is based outside the EU but the data they collect is protected in accordance with their terms and conditions, and by prevailing European law.

Citrus Consultancy will never sell, rent or trade your personal data.

Storing and Protecting Your Data

Citrus Consultancy operates solely within the UK. However, data is stored on secure cloud-based third party servers who specialise in data storage and have appropriate security (specifically Dropbox, and iCloud). Data is kept for no longer than required; and in accordance with Citrus Consultancy’s data retention policy (available upon request).

Access to your data is strictly controlled, and protected by appropriate electronic security measures. This includes the encryption of laptop computers.

Your rights and further information

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have a number of data rights including a right to information, to access, to be forgotten, to have errors rectified, to restrict and to object to data processing. Information and advice on enforcing these rights is available from the Information Commissioner’s Office Helpline: 0303 123 1113.

If you have a complaint about your data privacy, please contact Karon Phillips, Citrus Consultancy tel. 01858 456211



Approved 14 May 2018